Top Eight Reasons to Deploy DataSynapse GridServer as Part of an Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Strategy

Grid-Computing Leader Accelerates the Migration to SOA; Customers Use DataSynapse GridServer as a Service Execution Platform for Application and Data Virtualisation

LONDON – 10 May 2005 – Using GridServer Virtual Enterprise Edition from DataSynapse, Inc., the fastest-growing provider of grid computing solutions for the virtual enterprise, leading organisations are realising the benefits of a true service-oriented architecture (SOA), from increased business agility and accelerated time-to-market to improved return on investment of existing IT assets.

By distributing application workload across a grid of shared system and data resources, GridServer forms a service execution platform that drives new levels of business performance. This virtualised infrastructure allows applications to non-invasively leverage heterogeneous resources across the enterprise. It also manages the execution of services as required to meet the service levels and cost structures of the business.

"As a service execution platform for enterprise-wide SOA, GridServer has significantly improved productivity and performance levels at Wachovia," said Robert Ortega, vice president of architecture and engineering for Wachovia. "GridServer enables a high degree of computing efficiency, speed, flexibility and environment management. In one case, we went from running a 15-hour application down to 15 minutes, using the workstations we already had as a single collective resource."

GridServer brokers demand and matches it based on resource supply considerations at runtime, using built-in dynamic provisioning and adaptive load balancing mechanisms. The result is a service fabric that can dramatically accelerate the enterprise’s shift toward SOA. Eight of the key benefits DataSynapse customers achieve by deploying GridServer to support their SOA strategies:

· Application Performance: GridServer users have documented 25 to 50 times improvement in application performance speed, measured by response time and throughput benchmarks.

· Resilience and Reliability: With guaranteed task execution and mechanisms to ensure recovery and migration in the event of system error, application failure rates drop by up to 90 per cent or more.

· Flexibility and API Independence: GridServer’s application execution environment supports a wide variety of clients that can be quickly grid enabled, including Java, .NET, SOAP, C++ and binary executables.

· Service-Oriented Control: GridServer enables the global management of services, and administrative control of operational parameters, including policy-driven service, resource assignment and workload distribution rules.

· Dynamic Provisioning: With a dynamic, adaptive load balancing approach, resources can be added or removed without impact to running services. In contrast to other tools, GridServer optimises utilisation by dynamically provisioning these actions within milliseconds vs. minutes or hours.

· Rapid Development and Deployment: GridServer provides a standards-based, flexible and intuitive programming model to simplify development and streamline deployment.

· Usage-Based Accounting: GridServer’s centralised administration tools help IT managers establish variable cost, "pay as you go" charge back systems and measure service level agreement compliance.

· TCO Reduction: All of these benefits together – performance, utilisation, reliability, flexibility, service-oriented control, dynamic provisioning, rapid development and deployment and centralised accounting – GridServer yields a more efficient, cost-effective enterprise.

"DataSynapse customers are relying on GridServer to deliver SOA that enables greater reuse of business logic and IT assets and speeds delivery of value to the business," said Tony Bishop, chief architect for DataSynapse. "With GridServer, companies can significantly improve productivity and performance levels without having to rewrite code or re-factor the entire system architecture."

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