Scientific Approach Overcomes Previous Obstacles to Accurate Assessments

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, March 8, 2005 – PPCA, Inc. a leading provider of technology based analytical products to investors and their consultants continues to garner attention for it's HedgePOD (Hedge Fund Portfolio Opportunity Distributions) offering. Hedge fund investment performance that was once previously impossible to evaluate can now be assessed fairly and accurately.

HedgePODs replace traditional peer groups, which fail miserably as evaluation backdrops, especially for hedge funds. According to David Loeper, CIMA CIMC, President of Financeware: "It escapes me why so many wait for biased and inaccurate, or at least misleading, universe data when they can get unbiased data almost immediately following any calendar quarter or month."

Hedge fund investors have thrown money at hedge funds because of their mystique, rather than because of any real confidence in manager skill. Fund managers have gladly accepted these riches while denying access to the information that might reveal the answer to a simple question, "How does your performance compare to the opportunities available to your specific strategy?"

"HedgePOD circumvents this lack of transparency by using returns to determine the likelihood of skill, an insight that cannot be achieved with any other evaluation approach currently available. HedgePOD also provides a credibility check on manager performance. A reported return is suspect if it exceeds or lags all of the possible returns in its strategy," stated PPCA president, Ron Surz.

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