FREE PILOTS! 29West Announces No-Risk Latency Busters Messaging Challenge For 29 Firms from March 9 to April 29

Gives Financial Firms No-Cost Opportunity to Measure Performance Gains Achieved with Latency Bustersâ„¢ Messaging in Their Own Environments

Warrenville, IL, March 7, 2005 – 29West, Inc., the Chicago-based developer of high-performance messaging software solutions, launched today the Latency Busters™ Challenge for up to 29 potential customers in the financial industry. The challenge allows customers to define the messaging performance and stability improvements they would like to see on their networks, when using their existing applications.

If 29West accepts the challenge, a pilot will be constructed. If 29West’s Latency Busters Messaging (LBM) software, working with the applications on the prospective customer’s network, does not meet pre-set performance milestones, the pilot will be 100% free. When performance and stability goals are met, the cost of the pilot can be applied directly to a commercial LBM license agreement with 29West within the following 29 days.

"Performance numbers are sometimes misleading and although our raw throughput numbers are stunning – over 1.4 million messages per second between two commodity class PCs – the real test is how our next-generation messaging solution will perform as part of the customer’s integrated application," said Mark Mahowald, president at 29West. "Seeing is believing. That is why we decided to create this challenge. Now up to 29 firms will have a risk-free opportunity to measure for themselves the real-world gains achievable with LBM, not just in terms of lower latency and increased message rates, but in increased stability, lower network loading and additional CPU cycles for their applications."

According to Mahowald, 29West has freed up as much as 30% of the CPU loading and provide dramatically lower latency in production messaging applications when compared to other leading solutions. With the ability to provide a choice of transports, advanced recovery techniques and rate controls, 29West has removed broadcast storms and other forms of instability that can plague commonly used, competing messaging systems.

29West offers LBM as a standalone product for use by application vendors or large end-users that need high-performance messaging solutions. They also provide an OEM licensing model to allow companies to embed LBM inside a broader market solution. 29West’s strategy is to meet the needs of a growing array of sophisticated large users who are looking for a market advantage in their data-delivery architecture and view lower latency and higher throughput as advantages they can leverage to improve their competitive position.

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