Point Four and Comms XL are first to achieve global sign-off for Chip and PIN

3 March 2005

Streamline, the leading provider of merchant accounts in Europe, has given the combined Point Four, Comms XL and Verifone Chip and PIN solution a global accreditation certificate. This is the first blanket sign-off for an integrated EPoS Chip and PIN solution by Streamline.

This means any merchant wishing to use the Point Four EPoS system, with Comms XL’s SmartCCard software and Verifone’s SC500 terminal, will not have to go through any bank testing or approval for Chip and PIN if they use Streamline as their acquiring bank.

Point Four have specialised in EPoS solutions for supermarkets and convenience stores in the retail food sector since 1986. With offices in both Nottingham and Mullingar, Ireland, they are well established in the trade with an excellent reputation. Mark Rowland, Point Four’s Client Support Manager explains further; "We are incredibly proud of the global sign off that we have achieved with Streamline. It proves that the combined Chip and PIN solution that we are offering with Comms XL and Verifone is not only functional but stable and reliable to."

Mark continues, "The Streamline sign-off is only the beginning, thanks to Comms XL’s long standing relationships with various banks, we are already talking to Girobank, Allied Irish Bank and the Bank of Ireland about global sign-off, which we hope to bring to market early 2005."

Point Four’s EPoS system uses SmartCCard software from Comms XL, who are no strangers to the Chip and PIN accreditation process. Denise Hall, Managing Director of Comms XL elaborates, "We have worked with Point Four for a number of years and were delighted to work with them on this Chip and PIN initiative. Our SmartCCard software fully integrates with the Point Four EPoS system and communicates with the Verifone terminals."

Denise continues, "With so many elements involved when integrating Chip and PIN and the high EMV standards that have to be met, the accreditation and testing process was proving very time consuming and costly for a lot of our customers. However, thanks to the capabilities and reliability of this solution, future Point Four customers can avoid those headaches by just simply installing the complete solution. This will save an enormous amount of time and costs for merchants."

With the system already rolled out to Spar and Budgen sites, the solution is looking to be very popular in the retail sector as Point Four’s order book is increasing everyday. Not only are orders being taken for the Streamline system, but the suppliers are so confident in their solution that they are taking orders from Girobank, Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland merchants in the anticipation of a global sign-off with these acquirers also.

Roger Quiller, proprietor of the Spar, Croxley Green, comments, "The Chip and PIN system that Point Four supplied us, using the Comms XL software and Verifone terminals is now up and running in our Croxley Green shop. This is an extremely busy environment and I am looking forward to rolling the solution out to my other shops in January 2005."

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