Barrington Partners Research Surveys on Best Practices 2005

Average Account Size and Transfer Agency Cost Structure Survey

Barrington Partners recently completed a survey initiated by a fund board that addressed the key drivers of mutual fund TA expense ratios and what firms are doing to reduce these ratios.

8 fund groups of between $10b and $90b in assets participated in the survey and received a copy of the analysis and findings.

The research gathered comparable data from each fund group, interviewed each group for additional qualitative data, performed a statistical analysis of the results and developed a report of the results. Issues considered included:

-Average account balances by distribution channel
-Cost of maintaining accounts by channel
-Determining if size of complex offered economies of scale
-Issues impacting average account size/ TA expenses ratios
-Breakdown of transfer agency expenses
-Methodology of applying fees to the funds

Investment Advisor and Mutual Fund Compliance Industry Survey

Barrington Partners is in the process of interviewing 10+ mutual fund groups on the methodology and technical environment they are utilizing to meet the changing compliance requirements within their firm. The report will include an operational analysis of compliance issues and a summary on each system mentioned in the interviews.

Using a standard outline, Barrington Partners will interview each group and provide a report of the results. We will disclose the fund groups participating but switch the order we report interviews to maintain anonymity of responses.

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