MarketXS Adds Exchanges

Amsterdam / Schiphol Oost, March 30, 2005 - MarketXS, leading provider of real-time market data technology and trading solutions, today announced the addition of a number of new markets to the MarketXS Finance
Engine(tm) platform.

As of April 1 the following exchange data is made available:
- MEFF equity derivatives
- MEFF financial derivatives
10)- Montreal Stock Exchange
11)- Montreal Options
12)- Warsaw Level 1
13)- Sydney Futures Exchange
14)- New Zealand Futures & Options Exchange
15)- Singapore index futures
16)- Tokyo index futures

The addition of the new markets brings the total number of exchanges directly available through the Finance Engine to more than 100, with the exchange-based data being sourced from IDC Comstock. In addition to global equities and derivatives, the Finance Engine(tm) also offers access to prices for investment funds, commodities, fixed income, foreign exchange and money markets.

Exposing a business logic layer, instead of just a raw feed, to external applications, the Finance Engine(tm) layer greatly reduces development time by providing a single, consistent system for accessing financial markets. Software components include high- level, server-based features for data display and analytics on a ready-to-use basis, including charting, symbol search, alerting, etc. that may be used to rapidly create or integrate websites, transaction systems, mobile applications, back-office systems, etc. Using industry standard symbology, the Finance
Engine(tm) cross-links data from multiple vendors and exchanges, allowing customers to switch between different data sources as and when required without code modifications, and offering the possibility to easily create bespoke data feeds.

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