JavaSpaces and Enterprise Application Grid Pioneer to Support Free Distributed-Computing Development

NEW YORK, NY - March 30th, 2005 - In an effort to contribute to the establishment of open standards for enterprise-class distributed computing, GigaSpaces Technologies Inc., a fast-growing provider of innovative grid-based solutions for transaction intensive, business-critical applications, today announced that it has launched a free Community Edition (CE) of its product.

The Community Edition allows developers to build professional JavaSpaces-based applications and deploy them in a production environment with no associated licensing fees.

This edition includes many innovative features such as a full, mature and proven JavaSpaces/Jini implementation, a Java Messaging Server (JMS) implementation and a JDBC interface to query data managed by a space. Advanced features found in the Enterprise Edition such as clustering and High-Availability options, Fast Persistence, C++ API, .Net API and J2EE integration are not included.

JavaSpaces is gaining momentum as the de-facto middleware standard for building efficient and simple Grid and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications in Java. The Community Edition will allow architects and developers to employ a "production-grade", mature implementation of the technology from prototyping to production environments without any commercial commitment. In addition, the technology is available to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to embed into their product free of charge. If and when advanced features are needed, a straightforward upgrade to the full-featured Enterprise Edition is available.

"This release of the Community Edition of our JavaSpaces implementation finally offers developers a "commercial quality" product for developing and deploying distributed applications based on JavaSpaces technology," said Nati Shalom, CTO at GigaSpaces. "We are excited about this release and believe that it is a major step in establishing JavaSpaces as a de-facto standard for Grid-based transactional applications, and a key component in Java development strategies in the age of distributed computing."

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