Softsolutions! Press Release

Softsolutions!, Leader in Financial Market Connectivity Software, Introduces the Innovative XTAuctions! Software for Italian Government Bonds Auctions.
Bergamo, Italy March 29th, 2005 – XTAuctions! is the only available software for Italian BOT, CCT and BTP auctions that enable bidders to access-real time grey market prices, to calculate automatically auction prices and to validate bids eliminating risk in price determination and typing.

XTAuctions! is a multi-user, multi-language, redundant and fault-tolerant application that manages all kind of auctions (BOT-CTZ-CCT auctions, medium long term, re-openings for Specialists) issued by Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). Based on a "Effective Users Interaction" paradigm, it presents a simple and effective GUI. The GUI has been studied and
developed with the collaboration of auction traders; key points are fast and simplified creation, modification and transmission of bids, effective security checks base on two levels of error and an evident Real Time Clock to monitor remaining auction time.

XTAuctions! exhibits other innovations; connection to RNI (Rete Nazionale Interbancaria) is customizable and is now possible via TCP/IP (SIANet NG), is integrable with Reuters and other info providers, uses EONIA index for the calculus of Zero Coupon prices and alarm levels, tracks in a database every action for auditing, uses thorough security checks, manages automatically fees,
performs yield to price conversion for BOT’s and has an integrated fax transmission.

XTAuctions! is in production since December 2004 at one of the most important Specialists.

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