Corporate Governance: Company liability – who takes the blame?

Oxford, 24th March 2005 ─ Never before have the pressures been greater on organisations to demonstrate sound corporate governance policy and practice. With this in mind Vogon International has announced the issue of an informative publication on the subject of Corporate Governance. The booklet covers legislative and best practice developments in the field, and discusses practical issues that face corporations today. It includes case studies, clear definitions of terms, a summary of the key legislation and typical problems encountered by organisations.

The author is Clive Carmichael-Jones, Vogon’s Operations Director and a recognised expert in the fast evolving area of corporate governance; he regularly lectures and contributes to specialist publications on this and related topics. Carmichael-Jones has international responsibility for Vogon’s forensic services and data recovery laboratories; Vogon has over 20 years’ experience in providing specialist services to support the requirements of compliance and electronic disclosure. The company serves commercial, legal and public sector clients and also has close working relationships with many law enforcement bodies; Vogon is therefore well positioned to advise on legislative compliance issues.

Vogon has assisted in the prosecution of many high profile disclosure and fraud related cases including Maxwell, BCCI, Sumitomo, Barings Bank, Worldcom and Guinness. Carmichael-Jones commented "Given all the recent publicity, few corporations can be unaware of the importance of this issue. But many have not yet addressed it sufficiently. The aim of this publication is to provide an introduction to the subject, to raise questions, and perhaps start them on the road towards full governance compliance. It could be critical to their company’s survival".

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