Rapidata Services switches to biometric security in BACSTEL-IP roll-out

Rugby, UK: 21 March 2005 date: Rapidata Services, the BACS approved bureau for Direct Debit processing has become the first company to deploy biometric security controls as part of its payment file submission procedure to BACS. Using EigerPAY Gateway, the BACSTEL-IP submission software from Eiger Systems , Europe’s leading developer of validation and payment solutions for automated banking and e-commerce, Rapidata authorises users through the use of a highly secure, biometric finger scan device. This technology is in addition to the standard requirements of a password and user name to access the BACSTEL-IP platform.

BACS is currently in the process of migrating all its users to a new payment platform known as BACSTEL-IP which is scheduled to replace the existing BACSTEL service by 31st December 2005. One of the key benefits of the new system is that it has been designed to accommodate a significant increase in the level of security available to users. Primarily this will ensure that the submission of payment files can be conducted in a secure environment, increasing flexibility by enabling more processes to be automated and minimising human intervention to reduce the risk of fraud.

These heightened levels of security come as standard with the new BACSTEL-IP software, but Eiger Systems remains the only BACS approved software provider to support the addition of a biometric module. By developing an advanced software solution for BACSTEL-IP, Eiger Systems has become the first choice for many of the largest submitters of payment files to BACS, especially those looking for a secure system that needs to be deployed enterprise-wide as opposed to running within a single department or site.

Scott Gray, Managing Director of Rapidata Services, commented:

"We have always considered security to be paramount, but the introduction of BACSTEL-IP has really allowed us to look at every possible option. Eiger Systems’ BACSTEL-IP software – EigerPAY Gateway – gave us the opportunity to add in an extra level of security by using biometrics to identify authorised users. We feel that this gives ourselves, our clients and BACS an unparalleled level of confidence that our bureau service is as secure as today’s technology will allow."

Biometrics offers the very latest in security control, as rather than relying on authorised users to carry a key or similar identification device, it instead works on individual’s different personal characteristics – in this case fingerprints. By simply placing a finger on the scanner the biometric data is cross-referenced with a list of authorised users and access to the payment files is only granted if there is a positive match.

Scott Gray added:

"In addition to the exceptional security, we were also attracted to EigerPAY Gateway because it offers the scalability and functionality that a large Direct Debit bureau such as ourselves requires. We are currently processing oOver 3,500,000 transactions each year on behalf of our clients so features such as the bulk transfer of Service User Numbers and the ability to electronically manage and filter the reports produced by BACS were imperative in ensuring that we got the most from our investment in BACSTEL-IP."

Matthew Croxford, Product Manager at Eiger Systems, concluded:

"Although any organisation can improve the security of payment file submissions by deploying biometrics, those using Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) will stand to benefit the most from implementing biometric technology. HSMs provide organisations with the opportunity to achieve very high levels of automation in their payment submission routines. This makes it all the more important to ensure that the user interface procedures are as secure as possible. This is precisely what biometrics provides."

The new EigerPAY Gateway software replaces the two previous systems that were used by Rapidata Services for the transmission of AUDDIS and Direct Debit files and the retrieval of reports from BACS using the X400 service.

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