Online Education Course for Investors New to Currency Trading

Warren, NJ, March 16, 2005 – GAIN Capital Group, a leading non-bank provider of foreign exchange (forex) trading and asset management services, today announced the launch of Learn to Trade Forex, a new online training course designed to educate individual investors on the fundamentals of forex trading.

"Increasingly, self-directed individual investors are looking to the Forex market as an alternative asset class," stated Mark Galant, CEO and Founder of GAIN Capital. "They are attracted by the Forex market's superior liquidity, lower transaction costs, and 24-hour access. Consequently, there is a strong demand for education and tactical ways to trade currencies," continued Galant.

"We priced Learn to Trade Forex at $99 to make it accessible to anyone who has an interest in trading currencies," commented Mr. Galant. "The purpose of Learn to Trade Forex is to introduce investors to the Forex market, help them sharpen their trading skills, gain confidence and, ultimately, become better currency traders."

The self-paced course consists of seven lessons focusing on essential information needed to trade the Forex market. Students are taught how to:

• Understand currency quoting and the factors that drive individual currency movements
• Read and analyze currency charts using advanced technical tools
• Effectively utilize the leverage available in forex trading
• Manage risk and protect open positions using stop loss and other order types
• Anticipate and react to major economic events impacting global currency prices
• Employ sound money management techniques to maximize gains and limit losses.

In addition, all students receive a demo account funded with $25,000 of virtual money to practice lessons learned on a live trading platform.

Several lessons of the course are dedicated to identifying chart patterns and using technical analysis. "In many ways, trading currencies is similar to trading equities and futures, commented Mr. Galant. "Also, forex lends itself particularly well to technical analysis. More than 90% of the $1.9 trillion that is traded every day in the Forex markets involves the six major currency pairs. As a result, currencies trend very well and often trade with recognizable patterns," continued Mr. Galant.

In the past 12 months, GAIN’s retail division,, has experienced a 150% surge in new accounts, indicating a growing interest in forex trading among self-directed individual investors.

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