GainsKeeper's On-line Services Simplify Tax-Smart Portfolio Management for ChoiceTrade's Retail Customers

BOSTON, March 1, 2005 -- ChoiceTrade(TM), an advanced-technology securities brokerage firm, is making it easier for its customers to implement year-round tax-efficient trading strategies and to save time in completing their tax returns by using GainsKeeper's ( automated tax lot accounting tools. GainsKeeper(R) is a part of Wolters Kluwer Corporate & Financial Services.

GainsKeeper's Investment Tax Accounting Partnership program provides partners like ChoiceTrade with the critical bridge between the investment and tax needs of their individual investor clients. ChoiceTrade will also be able to offer sophisticated tax lot accounting tools to its customers at a reduced rate.

"At ChoiceTrade, we are committed to making available the most state-of- the-art tools to give our customers their best opportunities for realizing success in their trading strategies," Neville Golvala, CEO and founder of ChoiceTrade, said. "GainsKeeper's automated tax lot accounting tools complement this strategy, enabling us to provide industry-leading capital gains and Schedule D tools to our customers. This is a critical complement to their investment activity throughout the year, and particularly at tax time."

ChoiceTrade customers can use the on-line GainsKeeper tools to automatically calculate their tax liabilities and generate the Schedule D tax return, as well as to alert them year-round to the impact of wash sales and other events within their ChoiceTrade accounts which could affect their tax obligations

"GainsKeeper's alliance partners are forward-thinking firms on the cutting edge of the brokerage industry," Cameron Routh, head of partner relations for GainsKeeper, explained. "ChoiceTrade fits that mold. It's been widely recognized as a technology pace setter in the trading community. We look forward to working with ChoiceTrade to deliver expanded value to its customers."

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