Novell Raises the Bar with SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 for Linux Newcomers and Experienced Users

Most complete set of operating system, management tools, application software and networking functionality ever shipped for home computing environment

HANNOVER, Germany (CeBIT 2005) — March 10, 2005 — Novell today announced the availability of its latest Linux offering, SUSE® LINUX Professional 9.3, due to ship mid-April, 2005. Including a complete Linux operating system, over 3,000 open source packages and hundred of open source applications, productivity software and home networking capabilities, SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 provides the functionality, reliability and security that today's new and experienced Linux* user needs for home computing and computing-on-the-go at an affordable price.

SUSE LINUX Professional includes a stable and reliable Linux operating system plus a complete set of desktop applications - office suite, Web browser, e-mail and instant messaging clients, multimedia viewers, photo organizers, and other popular open source applications. It also features the latest tools for setting up a secure home network, running a Web server, developing applications and more. SUSE LINUX 9.3 also provides a sneak peek into upcoming server-based Linux, including the XEN virtualization environment and intuitive search engines. The complete SUSE LINUX distribution delivers the latest Linux technology for standard 32-bit PC processors as well as for AMD Athlon* 64 and Intel* Extended Memory 64 Technology. With the convenience of installation media, comprehensive documentation, and installation support, SUSE LINUX Professional delivers reliability and security in one of the most complete Linux distributions available to the retail market today.

"SUSE LINUX Professional has always been popular among new Linux users and technical enthusiasts who gain access to the latest enhancements to Linux and open source with a cost effective and easy-to-use Linux operating system,"
said Markus Rex, vice president of SUSE LINUX for Novell. "SUSE LINUX Professional also provides corporate Linux users a preview of the technologies in Novell's future enterprise Linux and a means of growing their skills to remain competitive in today's IT market."

SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 Features and Benefits

SUSE LINUX Professional is designed to meet the needs of both Linux newcomers and experienced technical users, and contains the latest versions of leading open source software, including:

- A complete Linux Operating System: SUSE LINUX OS built upon the Linux kernel
- Multiple intuitive desktop environments: Latest KDE 3.4 and GNOME* 2.10
- A comprehensive set of Internet tools: Firefox* 1.0 Web browser; e-mail and instant messaging clients (supporting AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Novell® GroupWise® -
- Instant Messenger, and more)
- A complete office suite: 2.0 (works with Microsoft* Office
- Leading graphics and multimedia applications: F-Spot photo organizer, the GIMP 2.2 and Inkscape graphics programs, multimedia viewers, CD/DVD burners and more
- Fully integrated system security: integrated firewall, spam blocker and virus scanner
- World class advanced networking services: Apache Web server, SAMBA, CUPS, DHCP, DNS and popular open source databases
- Cutting edge new Mobility Support: Improved Wifi connections and Bluetooth devices, PDA and phone synchronization
- Robust Virtualization: based on XEN
- Voice over IP support
- Multiple development Tools: Mono® 1.1.4; KDevelop 3.2; Eclipse 3.0.1

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