Back office stars, step to the front

FT, Mudlark Column Tuesday 8th March 2005

Back office toilers, banish any self-pity at the lack of appreciation or recognition your work receives. Your day approaches. This year's Systems for the Securities Industry Awards on April 22 will include one for exceptional performance in the back office. Inspired by several columns in January, it will be called the FT Mudlark award.

According to Stephen Pinner, managing director of Summerson Goodacre, organisers of the awards, "People working either in the settlement, systems or support areas are rarely in the limelight unless something goes horribly wrong. In the back office it is often the case that a job well done is soon forgotten, but one done badly is always remembered." Pinner added: "The Mudlark column picked up on this some while ago, and its great to see that at long last, people working behind the scenes can get some recognition. This might even be the start of bigger bonus payments for back office workers!"

Nominations are also open for two other individual categories - for sales executive of the year, and for customer service. Entries should name the individual and company and give a brief explanation. The deadline is next Monday.

The awards' principal sponsors are BT Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Rhyme Systems and SunGard Investment Management Systems. John Motson, the BBC's chief sports commentator, will host the presentation at the BT Centre, and Mudlark will present the back office award. Motty and Muddy, irresistible.

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