Diebold introduces the Opteva® 500 cash dispenser

Newest Opteva unit to be shown at CeBIT Hanover

(HANOVER) - Diebold, Incorporated will present its new alternative in automated teller machines (ATMs) during CeBIT from 10th to 16th March, 2005 at the Hanover Convention Centre. The Opteva® 500 offers a new option for financial institutions and retailers seeking the same performance, security, reliability and serviceability as other Opteva units, in a more compact footprint. The show marks the first time the new unit has been presented to the public in Europe.

Created for environments where floor space is at a premium, the Opteva 500 includes all of the essential components customers need to perform withdrawals, transfers and account-balance transactions. The compact footprint easily fits in most desired locations, minimising space requirements while providing easy accessibility to the service area. As with all members of the Opteva family, the Opteva 500 features an intuitive, user-friendly consumer interface. The unit’s look and feel is consistent with the rest of the Opteva family, making it familiar to customers.

"Consistent with our vision for the Opteva family of self-service solutions, the new Opteva 500 is directly responsive to the specific needs of a key group of our customers," said Eric C. Evans, president and chief operating officer of Diebold. "We believe the continued expansion of our Opteva product line will be well-received and will enable our customers to continue to provide the highest level of performance, functionality and service to their ATM users."

Its low total cost of ownership makes the Opteva 500 affordable for many off-premises locations. The unit’s basic configurations - including the largest cassettes in the industry - and predictive maintenance capabilities provide unprecedented ATM availability. Also, because it utilises the Opteva infrastructure that is already in use around the world, the Opteva 500 minimises the certification process.

The entire Opteva family of ATMs was engineered to include state-of-the-art processors that maximise transaction speed. Opteva’s exclusive USB architecture provides high-speed communications for today’s data-intensive ATM applications. In addition, because Opteva is powered by Agilis® - Diebold’s high-performance software - it can interface with multiple-vendor products, decreasing the need for back-end support and protecting investments in legacy systems.

Featuring a comprehensive security package, the Opteva 500 integrates both hardware and network security. The unit protects the consumer’s assets through an EPP4 encrypting PIN pad, consumer awareness mirrors and fraud-resistant features on both card readers and advanced-function dispensers. Alarm and lock options help ensure the security of the machine. Opteva ATMs are safeguarded by Sygate Security Agent software, providing proven protection against a variety of hacking techniques.

The Opteva 500 is the seventh unit in the Opteva family, which was launched by Diebold in 2003.

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