4th Story Connects with 4S.Golden Gate

SAN FRANCISCO, March 10, 2005 --- Institutional traders can now realize more trading opportunities by bridging their automated and algorithmic strategies to multiple markets with 4S.Golden Gateâ„¢, the latest offering from 4th Story, LLC, the leading provider of software that quickly identifies and manages trading opportunities for broker-dealers and institutional investors.

4S.Golden Gate offers a single point of connectivity to multiple market services including brokers, exchanges and market data. Trading strategists can connect real time strategy platforms such as 4th Story’s 4S.Everglades™ to 4S.Golden Gate, connect their own proprietary strategy engines or a use a combination of the two. Strategies can manage order routing instructions themselves or routing logic can be hosted in 4S.Golden Gate.

The gateway supports FIX connections as well as proprietary protocols employed by fixed income exchanges, market data vendors and order management systems. 4S.Golden Gate accepts client connections via socket or queue, and provides a common, XML-based API for all execution destinations and market data information. In addition, 4S.Golden Gate provides real time administrative alerts and full visibility into its message flow and can accommodate risk management and other business logic.

"You can connect your own ‘black boxes’ directly to 4S.Golden Gate for market services, or connect them to 4S.Everglades which will run a strategy into the market for you," explained Steven Smith, Chief Executive Officer of 4th Story. "We are continuing to make it easier for customers to bring their proprietary trading strategies and analyses into production by providing many points of entry into the automated trading work flow."

4S.Golden Gate is one of several products offered by 4th Story to analyze and manage trading strategies. 4S.Klondike™ mines pairs trading potential while 4S.Yellowstone™ provides a comprehensive infrastructure for developing, testing and optimizing arbitrarily complex automated strategies, as well as performing fundamental and technical analysis studies, such as multifactor and valuation models. All of 4th Story’s products are asset class agnostic and integrate tightly with third-party products such as Microsoft Excel.

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