Givex and Activemedia Technology Combine Talents to Create the New Mx-Coupon Program

BIRMINGHAM, England, June 7/PRNewswire/ -- Today at the Retail Solutions Expo Givex Corporation, a card management transaction processor for customer retention and acquisition programs, and ActiveMedia Technology, the leading European provider of mobile marketing solutions, jointly announce their decision to develop a strategic alliance.

The alliance will offer retailers a complete end-to-end solution for deploying stored value cards, loyalty schemes, and coupons. Active Media Technology will deliver Givex Coupon Numbers, known as Mx-coupons, to mobile phone users. ActiveMedia will provide the technology for engaging customers via mobile marketing. For example, customers will be able to sign on to loyalty schemes via text messaging, and retailers will be able to communicate offers to customers via targeted text messaging. Consumers will be able to redeem Mx-coupons received on their mobile phones at the point of sale, where merchants can authenticate them using the Givex gift card processing platform.

The Mx-Coupon Program is more cost effective than direct mail marketing because it eliminates printing and physical distribution costs. The merchant is able to track coupons and monitor their redemption relative to the number of coupons issued. Usage of Mx-Coupon generates vital information on consumer behaviour that can facilitate more accurate target marketing in subsequent promotions. In addition, using mobile phones for marketing is highly effective now that most Britons carry a mobile phone wherever they go. Now retailers can turn customer mobile phones into loyalty cards.

"Our strategic alliance with Givex allows us to offer the full solution to our retail customers", cites Ramesh Kumar, Business Development Director, ActiveMedia. "This alliance brings together two strong companies in their respective areas to provide a unique solution to retailers. We can expand on our success with the Orange Wednesdays 2-for-1 cinema promotion campaign to other retailers. Mobile medium has become an important channel to market to customers and retailers cannot ignore it."

"This is another example of how Givex has expanded the use of traditional gift card technology to provide more value for our clients", says Philip Levy, Director, Givex UK. "The ability for our clients to send a Givex number via SMS to their customers' mobile phones is a very powerful customer retention and acquisition tool, when combined with our Loyalty and Incentive programs."

Text messaging, or SMS, has become one of the most popular data transmission technologies in the world, with more than a trillion messages expected globally in 2005.

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