Revere Dataâ„¢ Continues Expansion into Research Services

New York, June 29, 2005 – Revere Data LLC is pleased to announce their index
participation in the development and launch of eight new Industry Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) sponsored by PowerShares Capital Management LLC. The American Stock Exchange Intellidex Indexes, on which the PowerShares are based, provide disciplined and objective research through a robust and comprehensive stock evaluation process. Revere Data’s contribution included extensive bottoms up research on the market categories, which allowed the creation of customized industry universes. This research helped enhanced the Intellidex model and selection process, playing an important role in the creation of this group of ETFs.

Through a web based application, Revere Data research provides a detailed analysis of business sectors in which companies compete. Instead of using the typical top-down classification system where each company is assigned to a single broad category, the Revere Hierarchyâ„¢ works from the bottom up by mapping companies to multiple, highly-specific Product Levels based on their actual products. The Hierarchy's 12,000 Product Levels then roll up into an easily navigable structure of Product Groups, Sub- Sectors, Sectors, and Industries. Revere Data classifies companies based on revenue generated in a particular sector, product line, or service in order to include all players in
a given market.

"As seen with the launch of these unique new PowerShares ETFs, Revere Data is
helping customers develop some of the most differentiated industry investment
products and tools available anywhere commented Revere Data CEO Glen Wolyner. Our roster of customers includes many of the world’s leading hedge funds and institutional investors of all sizes as well as the investment banking community. We provide customers the flexibility of either using Revere Data’s on-demand research applications to meet their business needs, or as in the case of PowerShares Capital Management and the AMEX, the option of using Revere Data research technology, databases and classification systems to build their own financial products or applications. Both cases represent Revere Data’s expansion into providing research services that help generate
unique investment ideas, and build compelling financial products."

The new PowerShares ETFs include: PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceutical Portfolio
(Symbol: PJP); PowerShares Dynamic Biotech & Genome Portfolio (Symbol: PBE);
PowerShares Dynamic Food & Beverage Portfolio (Symbol: PBJ); PowerShares Dynamic Leisure & Entertainment Portfolio (Symbol: PEJ); PowerShares Dynamic Media Portfolio (Symbol: PBS); PowerShares Dynamic Networking Portfolio (Symbol: PXQ); PowerShares Dynamic Semiconductor Portfolio (Symbol: PSI); PowerShares Dynamic Software Portfolio (Symbol: PSJ).

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