PolarLake Releases Prime Brokerage Integration Solution

Out-of-the-box integration solution reduces the cost of making existing data, execution and back-office systems available to Prime Brokerage clients

Dublin, Ireland, 29th June, 2005 - PolarLake, a leader in standards-based incremental integration, today announced the availability of a new industry solution bringing the benefits of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) to organizations offering Prime Brokerage services. The solution, built upon PolarLake’s Integration Suite product, enables prime brokerage solutions to be delivered in a more cost-effective, flexible and timely manner than previously possible.

PolarLake’s prime brokerage solution reduces the costs associated with the provision of prime brokerage services to multiple clients, helping to deliver profitability in the short term, and provide competitive advantage by offering no-cost integration and reducing the ‘time to market’ for Prime Brokerage clients.

The solution provides intuitive, productive tools that enable a Prime Broker’s IT staff to rapidly configure message flows, design business validation and routing rules, map format transformations, and design transactional orchestrations, all without hand coding. As a consequence no technology changes need be imposed on the client, and clients can be plugged in to Prime Brokerage systems quickly and easily – either directly or through web services

Using the PolarLake Solution, Prime Brokers can deliver flexible and adaptable architectures, capable of:

- Handling the diversity of message formats and transports on the client side, without imposing technology requirements on the client.

- Reaching out to integrate with existing systems on the Prime Broker side, either directly or through web services.

- Delivering incremental integration – allowing new clients to connect within days or weeks with little incremental cost.

"Prime Brokerage represents a significant and growing market opportunity – but as a result it is a highly competitive marketplace," said Ronan Bradley, CEO of PolarLake. "The goal is to offer Prime Brokerage services at the lowest possible cost, bring multiple new clients on-line as quickly as possible, and to react quickly to market changes and client requirements."

"PolarLake helps to meet these requirements and deliver flexible and extensible IT infrastructures, and as a consequence greatly reducing the cost and complexity associated with the provision of Prime Brokerage services."

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