Lime Brokerage LLC Announces the Startup of a Disaster Recovery Site

NEW YORK, June 21, 2005 -- Lime Brokerage LLC announced today the startup of a fully functional Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) in Waltham, Massachusetts. This site will serve as a "hot standby" which can be activated in a matter of seconds should any event disrupt the operation of Lime’s primary data center in New York City.

Alistair Brown, CEO of Lime Brokerage LLC, said, "Superior reliability is one of the cornerstones of the Lime Trading System. The addition of a DRS provides our clients with enhanced stability in their chosen trading platform, and is demonstrative of our commitment to demand an extremely high-level of performance from our system."

The Waltham DRS has been configured to fully replicate connectivity to all of the major trading venues supported in the New York data center. Clients who co-locate trading servers in Lime’s primary data center will have the option to co-locate backup servers at the Waltham DRS, which will minimize the likelihood that any executions will be lost in the event of a failover to the DRS. Client participation in the DRS is not required; however, Lime believes that this intra-day failover capability places them in a more robust position with respect to market access and reliability.

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