GigaSpaces Recognized by Sun Microsystems for Extreme Innovation in Java Technology with Duke's Choice Award at JavaOne

SAN FRANCISCO, California, June 29/PRNewswire/ --

- Award Winning Enterprise Application Grid (EAG) Advances Java Spaces Service For Developers

- BOOTH 415 at JavaOne

GigaSpaces Technologies Inc., a fast-growing provider of innovative,
distributed infrastructure solutions for transaction intensive, business-
critical applications, announced that the company's Enterprise Application
Grid (EAG) is a winner of the prestigious Sun Microsystems, Inc. Duke's
Choice Award. The award was presented by Sun chairman and chief executive
officer, Scott McNealy following his keynote address at the JavaOne(TM)
Worldwide Developer Conference today. The Duke's Choice Awards are granted to
the best and most innovative technology-based applications and services
around the world using the Java(TM) platform.

"Every year now at JavaOne, we announce to the world the finalists of the
Duke's Choice Awards - the 10 most creative of Java developers," said Java
technology creator, James Gosling, vice president, Sun Fellow and CTO of
Sun's Java developer products group, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "It's our way of
recognizing the most innovative and dedicated Java developers for their
exceptional work. But it's also a way of telling those who just now start
exploring with Java that there's a world of opportunity out there for them to

Mark Hodapp, director of the Jini technology program at Sun, added, "This
award to GigaSpaces is well-deserved, and acknowledges the tireless
commitment that GigaSpaces has put into advancing the Jini technology, and
especially the JavaSpaces service, for the benefit of developers everywhere.
GigaSpaces' contributions in terms of community and market development are
equally significant, and are also recognized."

GigaSpaces is showcasing its award-winning Enterprise Application Grid
(EAG) at the JavaOne conference this week. The EAG provides high throughput,
low-latency transaction processing applications with a Virtual Application
Server, which delivers all the necessary distributed application services,
such as distributed caching, parallel processing and a messaging bus. These
capabilities enable enterprises in the financial, telecom and transportation
industries to rapidly develop and deploy distributed applications over low-
cost infrastructure.

Yaron Benvenisti, GigaSpaces CEO, commented, "We are very pleased to
receive this high honor and acknowledgement of our technological achievements
by Sun Microsystems. GigaSpaces strives to provide our customers with
advanced technology solutions that address their most pressing needs. The
Duke's Choice Award is validation by a highly respected industry leader that
our customers are indeed investing in a solution with an outstanding level of
technological excellence."

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