Gemstone Systems and SolarMetric Partnership Provides Standardized, High-Performance Data Access and Persistence

SAN FRANCISCO -- JavaOne(SM) Developer Conference -- June 28, 2005 – GemStone Systems and SolarMetric announced today a technology partnership that improves the interoperability of GemFire and Kodo, each company’s respective flagship product. Developers can now use GemFire, a high-performance distributed data management platform, with Kodo, a data access tool that provides Java applications with convenient, standardized access to relational databases.

Kodo provides a feature-rich, object/relational mapping tool that generates efficient SQL from normal Java classes. GemFire provides an infrastructure for caching and distributing data across multiple applications. The combined solution allows Kodo users to leverage GemFire as both a level-2 database cache and query cache. Gemfire users can now utilize the object/relational mapping functions provided by Kodo. With GemFire, data can also be replicated synchronously or asynchronously, for high availability.

"Driven by customer demands, SolarMetric and GemStone have collaborated to create an interoperability plug-in for GemFire and Kodo. By leveraging this integrated solution, developers can combine the productivity gains from Kodo with the scalability and performance gains from GemFire," said Neelan Choksi, President of SolarMetric. "We are excited about taking our initial customer successes and further working with Gemstone to help our customers focus on solving their business problems and minimizing the time spent worrying about the infrastructure underlying their enterprise applications."

"Standards-based approaches for managing enterprise data can result in significant improvement in productivity for IT organizations," said Shankar Iyer, executive vice president, marketing and strategy, GemStone Systems. "The GemFire / Kodo joint solution makes data resident in backend systems like RDBMS easily accessible to distributed applications, with no latency."

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