ComStock Unveils new API and Market Data Server, Xpress Server

-- API and Xpress Server Provides Support and Ease of Use --

New York, June 28, 2005 -- ComStock Inc., an Interactive Data Company
(NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of real-time global market data, today unveiled two new strategic product introductions designed to bring clients high-level support and ease of use.

The company introduced a new Application Programming Interface or API for XpressFeed, its real-time datafeed service. The flexible and open C++ API, which is based on a familiar "token-value" pair paradigm, simplifies and expedites the integration of the datafeed into client applications.
Additionally, the API minimizes ongoing feed maintenance for clients by sheltering downstream applications from changes that take place at the vendor level. The new API also allows access to more comprehensive data sets from ComStock with enhanced flexibility.

"By providing clients with the API and some sample code, our developer support staff is able to significantly reduce the time it takes a client to integrate the datafeed into their applications," said Dan Connell,
president of ComStock. "And now that clients are programmed directly to
the API, supporting the product is much simpler since ComStock will handle most of the feed changes."

ComStock also unveiled a new market data server, called Xpress Server.
Xpress Server is designed to provide value-added market data services and is built around ultra-high speed data basing, indexing and retrieval architecture. Built on a modular framework, Xpress Server is designed to support low-latency, revenue critical market data applications. The initial services to be introduced on Xpress Server include:

Time & Sales / Time & Quotes: This highly robust and efficient service
is designed with the capacity to store every tick for all global level
1 equity, option and future exchanges, including the full options feed
from OPRA. The service provides easy access to the tick data and the
ability to search and filter based on multiple parameters. In a
standard configuration, the data is stored for up to 20 days (time
frame is configurable and dependent only on available memory).
Clients can customize the data sets to be collected to the symbol
level and store at least 90 days of sub-sampled or minute bar history.
The Time & Sales module Includes symbol, open, high, low close, time,
and volume.

Historical Data Service: Utilizing content from other Interactive Data
businesses, the Historical Data Pricing service provides 10 years of
end-of-day pricing data, with open, high, low, close and volume data.
Daily updates to the service are provided in adjusted form, taking
into consideration corporate actions activities, such as splits and
dividends, etc.

Market Depth Module
This module stores market depth. Its primary purpose is to provide
level II order book snapshots when requested. The depth database is
designed to support different types of snapshot requests.
The newly introduced API supports both the ComStock's Client Site
Processor or CSP as well as the features of Xpress Server from the
same code base and is executable, making it easier for clients to add
new functionality to their applications as their needs grow.

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