Conquering the Paper Mountain with Electronic Document Management

INVU scales the heights for Bradford and Bingley International

Locating that invoice, email attachment or fax can be both a frustrating experience and a drain on valuable time and resources. As pressure increases on financial organisations to store vast amounts of documentation and correspondence relating to thousands of customers - often to comply with industry regulations - the issue of finding an efficient and cost-effective management system for storage and retrieval is rapidly moving up the agenda.

Bradford and Bingley International (BBI), the offshore subsidiary of Bradford and Bingley plc has been operating from the Isle of Man since 1989. It is one of the largest deposit takers located offshore. It serves many thousands of customers in more than 125 countries and holds assets exceeding GBP 2.5 billion. Recognising that there was a better way to store and access information at speed than the existing plethora of paper and electronic filing systems, BBI decided, after an in depth evaluation process, to install an integrated Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution from Invu, demonstrated by Lindenhouse.

BBI implemented the Invu system almost three years ago to assist them in a number of ways, following an introduction by Lindenhouse, and have seen significant benefits as a result. Many of the documents handled need to be kept for indefinite periods, which meant that filing cabinet upon filing cabinet became quite literally 'part of the furniture'. This led to increasing time spent searching for files and paperwork, while customers experienced delays in response times.

Most of BBI's users now use desktop scanners to save documents which can then be quickly searched and retrieved. The Finance department, for example, use this method to view records, the status of payments, and to retrieve invoices just by inputting a supplier's name.

Mark Bradley, IT Manager, at BBI explains, "It is unusual for us to use a system which is supported off-island, but Lindenhouse demonstrated to us, a simple, cost-effective solution and meets all of our current needs. We are able to get quickly to the relevant information which will enable us to see and respond to customer enquiries instantly, without having to interrupt a telephone conversation and call back in a while. I use Invu as my own personal filing cabinet, as transferring and retrieving files from Microsoft Office and other packages on my PC is so easy. The system is very intuitive - it just works."

"The EDM was also easy to install, as it is able to share one of our existing servers and minimal specific training for our staff was required to enable them to use it effectively

The Invu solution was installed by the value added reseller, Lindenhouse, who brought BBI's staff up to speed on how best to use the system to their advantage. The expertise and knowledge of the Lindenhouse consultants were critical in the rapid deployment and subsequent trouble-free upgrades to the present v5.4 of the software.

With Invu's code-free Integration the bank was able to immediately install the Invu solution to work alongside its applications, including all of Microsoft Office, the bank's accounting packages and the other financial services systems already in place.

Jon Halestrap, Director of Sales and Marketing, adds, "BBI saw that they needed to become more efficient in document management. Through Lindenhouse, we were able to offer them a solution that was not only easy to install and use, it also allowed them to increase efficiency for their customers - truly mission-critical."

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