New SmartAnalysis RM Provides Total Control of Multiple Corporate Banking Relationships; Module Enables Global Editing of Signature Authority, Other Key Account Details

OWINGS MILLS, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 23, 2005--Chesapeake System Solutions, Inc. announced today the release of a powerful new software module for its widely using banking relationship management package SmartAnalysis(R) that will allow treasury managers an unprecedented ability to organize the dozens or hundreds of bank accounts that many companies use over the course of a typical business day, track which accounts take care of what functions within an organization, and globally edit such key account details as signature authority.
SmartAnalysis RM(TM) from Chesapeake System Solutions, the industry leader in innovative treasury solutions, eliminates the inefficiency and strain on resources inherent in trying to manage an array of accounts across multiple banks. It also allows for immediate access to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance information that auditors or regulators may request at any time, which could otherwise take many staff hours to compile while other important tasks go undone.
SmartAnalysis RM records, organizes and documents all of a company's bank account criteria for all of its different banking relationships. It tells users when they opened or closed an account, what type of accounts they have (depository, disbursement, concentration, ACH, etc.), what functions each account plays within the organization, as well as what target or balance requirements are set on each account. The system can be used by a broad array of employees because sophisticated security protocols allow for account-by-account restrictions on who has access to what information.
"SmartAnalysis RM is the logical extension of our SmartAnalysis(R) product, which companies large and small have been using for years to ensure that they're getting the most out of their banking relationships," said Stacey Gilmore, Chesapeake's Treasury Products Consultant. "SmartAnalysis RM provides users with an unprecedented level of instantaneous access to literally any piece of information they need about how their bank accounts are set up, how they relate to each other, and how they're being used. It also allows for one-step updating of critical information like signing authority, which is a vital control."
One of SmartAnalysis RM's key features is the ability to make global changes to all accounts at all banks through one set of instructions. In addition to simplifying the process, this feature helps prevent common errors, such as failing to remove a signer on an infrequently used account when personnel or authority changes occur.
The latter process - the ability to globally manage signature authority - serves many valuable functions. First the process is streamlined, making it far more efficient. In addition, the process helps prevent both the simple mistakes that can be made in managing multiple accounts, as well as guard against fraudulent activities.
In addition, SmartAnalysis RM allows users to record bank cut-off dates and times to help manage time-sensitive banking functions; set up specific bank contact information (such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses) to assist in contacting banks; electronically send and manage bank requests and follow-up correspondence; and much, much more.
The software places all important account information in one central repository. From there, users can review or query any or all the different criteria set on each account. With click of a mouse, a powerful report generator can show the complete corporate banking structure, or present the results of narrow searches for a particular function or set of criteria for each account.
"SmartAnalysis RM offers something that our customers have been telling us they wanted for a long time," Gilmore said. "That's complete control of their banking relationships."

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