Vhayu Launches Velocity Order Book Analyzer to Enable Algorithmic Trading Applications to Capture Full Depth of Book

Leverages Streaming Analysis and Storage Capabilities, Enhances Algorithmic Trading and Smart Order Routing Systems and

Tackles Technology Challenges of Reg NMS

Los Gatos, CA and SIA Technology Management Conference, NY, NY, June 21, 2005 –Vhayu Technologies today announced the introduction of Velocity Order Book Analyzer™ to provide high-frequency trading applications with the ability to analyze entire order books with millisecond response time and store massive amounts of Level 2 data unmatched by any other technology available.

Velocity Order Book Analyzer was created to support major brokers, hedge funds and trading system vendors faced with processing and managing vast amounts of Level 2 quote data caused by order fragmentation, decimalization and regulatory changes. Designed for advanced trading operations that need to capture, analyze and act on every bid and offer across every market center in real-time, Velocity Order Book Analyzer enables firms to bolster the analytic capabilities and capacity required for algorithmic trading, smart order routing, pre- and post-trade analytics, quantitative research, liquidity analysis and Reg NMS compliance.

Vhayu currently provides direct feed handlers for Lava ColorBook, Wombat, Infodyne and Reuters RDF and expects to deliver a feed handler for Nasdaq TotalView before end of this year.

"Market data volumes are increasing at an alarming rate," said Vhayu CEO Jeff Hudson. "In 2004 alone, data volumes grew by over 100% and that trend is expected to rise, posing significant technical and financial challenges for firms forced to upgrade existing trading system infrastructures to operate efficiently. Not only has the sheer volume of data skyrocketed, but its efficient use and distribution has never been more critical to the profitability of financial institutions."

By deploying Velocity Order Book Analyzer, brokers can confront and comply with the oncoming challenges of Reg NMS without incurring significant investment in additional hardware or database software. Added Hudson, "Our patented, advanced server technology is capable of analyzing order books across markets, instantaneously triggering orders upon best execution and storing every Level 2 quote. We feel this product answers the many questions that Reg NMS has raised from a technology perspective."

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