…Places Unprecedented Focus on Maximising User Experience….

In a move that firmly positions it at the forefront of customer-focussed product delivery and user experience, leading treasury solutions supplier XRT announces today a corporate restructure which places unprecedented emphasis on fulfilling the needs of its users.

Effective immediately, the new corporate User and Communications Services team will collaborate to provide a central pool of expertise, leveraging existing skills that will significantly impact XRT’s ability to deliver user-centric treasury infrastructure solutions to its customers.

The new group, headed by Nicolas Metivier, marketing manager of User & Communication Services, combines the Corporate Communications, Documentation/Translation and User Experience teams. With a strategy focussing on delivering software knowledge and understanding to internal and external end-users, clients and business partners, the newly formed group has established a number of priorities, spearheaded by the goal of maximising user experience of XRT products.

Metivier said, "Previously, each individual team was a service provider and intrinsically linked to product and content delivery to our clients. This re-structure taps into the great work they have been doing by combining their collective skills to offer a more streamlined approach where knowledge is shared and vision and creativity enhanced, and where clients benefit from a more cohesive, customer-oriented approach."

In general, software has historically been developed based on an analysis of customer needs, and then supported with a range of user tools and programmes once the product has been developed. This has typically led to large and cumbersome applications, with a host of unnecessary - and expensive – functionality.

"Our aim is to work with our customers to facilitate the use of our solutions, developing close links with the customer, and better understanding of how they work. In short, our goal is an integrated approach to our customer needs, from observing users through to supporting product documentation and communication," concluded Metivier.

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