Smart Trade Technologies releases its first STTP plug-in for JBoss

NY, ny.—June 14, 2005—Smart Trade Technologies, the leading provider of smart routing and execution platforms, today announced the release of a new plug-in for JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS).

This new product allows the smartTrade Trading Platform (STTP) to be run directly inside a JEMS infrastructure. As a result, clients can build advanced trading and order-routing applications smoothly integrated with all J2EE technologies. This partnership is part of the Smart Trade’s strategy to leverage the technical services of integration middleware providers inside the smartTrade Trading Platform.

"STTP has been totally abstracted in order to make it independent from Application Servers’ technical stacks," said David VINCENT, CTO of Smart Trade Technologies. "Our vision is that offering our clients the choice of the integration middleware they want to use is fundamental. The impressive adoption of JEMS by the financial community and its outstanding technical design made it a natural choice for building this plug-in. With this new partnership with JBoss, smartTrade clearly continues to lead innovation in the electronic trading space".

"This initiative illustrates the diversity of business specific applications that can be built on top of JEMS", adds Marc FLEURY, Chairman and CEO of JBoss, Inc. "This new plug-in confirms that JEMS can be bundled with best-of-breed technologies like STTP to provide robust mission critical applications".

The STTP-JEMS plug-in is currently under deployment within a major global investment bank in New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong.

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