Almonde and Deloitte announce their East-European road show about the convergence between Basel II and IAS.

London June 14, 2005 - Almonde is announcing that it will hold a series of business briefings with its partner Deloitte throughout Eastern Europe about the "Convergence between Basel II and IAS".

Since the 70s, risk management and regulatory compliance have grown in sophistication, sharing today similar concepts. Basel II and IAS 39 look at some of the same basic fundamentals from different perspectives to assess and control banks' risks as well as recognize those in balance sheets and P&Ls.

This convergence creates increasing challenges for banks: multiple accounting and risk management systems need to exchange data at a very granular level. Data, calculation results and modelling need to be consistent across disciplines to allow for reliable senior management decision making.

Almonde and Deloitte have developed a smart and practical approach to take advantage of this convergence and make it happen in an effective manner. They will share and discuss their analysis and solutions with banks during a road show that already started in Poland on May 24 and will continue as follows:
• Czech Republic 21/06
• Romania 22/06
• Slovenia 27/06
• Bulgaria 29/06
• Hungary 30/06
• Slovakia 04/07
• Latvia 05/07

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