Leading Analyst Butler Group Recommends PolarLake For Incremental Integration Projects

Endorses PolarLake as "highly beneficial in many different environments"

Dublin, Ireland, 1st June, 2005, — Butler Group – Europe’s leading IT analyst company - has recently published a "Technology Audit" of the PolarLake Integration Suite, concluding that "organizations that require an incremental solution to integration problems and already have messaging middleware in place are likely to benefit from PolarLake ESB". Copies of this report can be downloaded from the PolarLake website.

The audit confirms PolarLake’s standing as a leader in standards-based incremental integration, and supports the company’s unique approach to the development and delivery of integration systems that make maximum possible use of already existing systems, commenting that "PolarLake's focus will be appreciated by organizations that already have integration products in place that are not solving their complex integration headaches". In conclusion the audit states that "PolarLake Integration Suite is positioned as a much lower cost integration solution than the more traditional EAI tools, and will also be valid as a standards-based departmental solution that can then be extended out across an organizations as projects are selected that require further integration."

"We are delighted to be covered by Butler Group, and particularly pleased that the group both understand and support our focus on mediation and orchestration as key to successful integration projects." said Ronan Bradley, CEO of PolarLake. "This is independent confirmation of a growing awareness that delivering service-oriented architectures need not involve the replacement of existing systems. Instead, through code-free mediation of data models and software services, PolarLake’s Integration Suite can build on previous investments."

"The PolarLake solution delivers practical support for tactical, flexible integration projects, and minimizes the amount of coding that is required, which will be highly beneficial in many different environments" commented Teresa Jones, author of the audit for Butler Group. "With its strong focus in this area PolarLake offers significant integration capabilities".

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