97 million contracts traded on Eurex in May

Frankfurt, 1 June 2005

Turnover up 16 percent year-on-year/

European equity options trading further increases

The international derivatives market Eurex traded 97 million contracts in May. This is an increase of around 16 percent year on year (May 2004: 83.6 million contracts). The average daily trading volume in the first five months increased 12 percent and reached 4.9 Mio. contracts (Jan-May 2005: 4.4 Mio. contracts).

Fixed Income Derivatives were the strongest segment in May, accounting for around half of the turnover on Eurex with 47.9 million contracts traded (May 2004: 44.5 million contracts). The Euro-Bund Future remained the most successful product at 23 million contracts, an increase of 32 percent year-on-year (May 2004: 17.6 million contracts). A total of 11.7 million contracts were traded in Euro-Bobl futures and another 9.4 million contracts in Euro-Schatz futures.

Equity-based derivatives generated turnover of 49.1 million contacts in May (May 2004: 39 million contracts). Of these, 24 million contracts were for equity options, and 25.1 million contracts were in equity-index derivatives. Trading in European equity options was particularly successful. Turnover in Dutch equity options quadrupled to 2 million contracts compared to the same month of last year, turnover in Italian equity options tripled to 45,500 contracts and trading in French equity options was up more than 150 percent to 559,000 contracts.

Turnover in the equity-index derivatives segment climbed approx. 11 percent year-on-year, to 25.1 million contracts (May 2004: 22.6 million contracts). The Future on the DJ Euro STOXX 50 was once again the segment’s strongest performer in May at 9.9 million contracts. The option on the DJ Euro STOXX 50 increased by as much as 25 percent to 7.4 million contracts. Turnover in DAX options was up 30 percent at 4.6 million contracts. Options on Allianz topped the performance charts in the equity options segment on Eurex in May, with 3.9 million contracts traded.

Turnover on the electronic bond trading platform Eurex Bonds increased 25 percent year-on-year, reaching 11.2 bn euros (US$ 13.83 bn) in May (May 2004: 9 bn. Euros / US$ 11.11 bn.).The "Agency" segment recorded particularly strong results: Turnover year-on-year nearly doubled from 338 million euro (US$ 417.34 million) in May 2004 to 663 million euro (US$ 818.64 million) in May 2005.

Eurex Repo, the electronic repo trading platform, also achieved record results in May. Average outstanding volume in the Euro and Swiss Franc repo market rose to 68.3 billion euros (US$ 84.33 billion) - an increase of 31 percent year-on-year (May 2004: 52.1 billion euros / US$ 64.33 billion). The Euro repo market recorded particularly strong growth, with average outstanding volume climbing 44 percent, to reach €24.2 billion (US$ 29.88 billion) (May 2004: €16.8 billion / US$ 20.74 billion). Daily outstanding volume in the Swiss Franc repo market saw a new record on May 31 at 72 billion CHF (previous record: 71.2 billion CHF on 30 June 2004).

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