E*Trade Financial and Trade-Ideas Partner to Reach Active Traders

San Diego, CA – Trade Ideas LLC, the premier provider of Idea Generation Technology (IGT) and real-time analytics to active investors, announced E*Trade Financial as a media partner and sponsor of Trade-Ideas’ free on-line stock scans and real-time reports.

In an effort to reach the coveted Active Trader market segment, E*Trade Financial will sponsor the Stock Research section of www.trade-ideas.com. Research from industry watchers like Celent Communications stresses the importance of this segment as the one responsible for almost 80% of trades at online brokerages and Trade-Ideas continuously delivers valuable equity research to this segment in large numbers.

"Trade-Ideas software is the best positioned to reach the active trader. Our name recognition among active traders and our traffic numbers are very attractive to E*Trade," suggested David Aferiat, Managing Partner, Business Development at Trade-Ideas. With over 16,000 users in 45 countries Trade-Ideas specializes in streaming alerts that show traders potential opportunities in real-time. "We are excited to help E*Trade gain market share with their direct access trading product. It’s especially a critically important time of year given the industry consolidation going on – from both announced mergers and deals that are still behind closed doors. This kind of change always produces customer churn as people take the opportunity to research other offerings."

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