Cape Clear Software Releases Cape Clear 6.1 Featuring the Industry's Most Comprehensive Messaging Support

Cape Clear 6.1 provides support for reliable Internet-based messaging, expanded support for the leading JMS products, and JBoss JMS in-the-box

DUBLIN, Ireland, 26 July, 2005 - Cape Clear Software has today announced the availability of a new version of its Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which delivers the market's most complete support for messaging technology. Cape Clear 6.1 provides three levels of messaging support, including full, built-in support for reliable Internet-based messaging via WS-ReliableMessaging, as well as HTTP, SMTP, and FTP. It extends its native and tested support for JMS (Java Message Service) products to include JBoss JMS, Oracle JMS, SonicMQ, TIBCO, WebSphere MQ and WebLogic JMS. Cape Clear 6.1 also ships with an optional, fully integrated version of the JBoss JMS. In addition to expanded messaging support, the new release adds a range of enhancements to its Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) functionality. The new release is available immediately.

"A true ESB is infrastructure-agnostic. It doesn't force technology decisions, instead it works with the technology already deployed inside an organization," commented Annrai O'Toole, CEO at Cape Clear Software. "We now have the widest support for enterprise messaging anywhere. We enable our customers to bring all their existing technology investments into the SOA world without the need for additional infrastructure. For those organizations that want a new messaging layer, we natively support any JMS they choose, or with the inclusion of the JBoss JMS, we're offering the fastest-growing JMS available today, pre-configured and 'in-the-box'. More and more of our customers and prospective customers are also choosing to use native, reliable Internet messaging-WS-ReliableMessaging-alongside or indeed instead of the alternatives. The key feature for a true ESB is the ability to work with all of the existing infrastructure, regardless of the vendor or technology. In the world of the ESB there are no ugly babies."

"JBoss JMS has very high performance, and the fact that it is free and based on open source technology has led it to become very popular," commented Bob Bickel, Senior VP at JBoss. "We are seeing more and more customers select JBoss JMS as the foundation for their messaging requirements. We are therefore delighted to see Cape Clear offer JBoss JMS as one of their ESB messaging options out-of-the-box."

New Features of Cape Clear 6.1

1. Messaging

Cape Clear 6.1 now provides the widest messaging support of any ESB. Customers can build and integrate services using their preferred messaging infrastructure, including:

* Standard Internet infrastructure:
- WS-ReliableMessaging

* Existing JMS Middleware:
- JBoss JMS
- Oracle JMS
- SonicMQ
- WebLogic JMS
- WebSphere MQ

* New JMS Middleware:
Cape Clear's ESB now optionally includes a fully integrated version of the JBoss JMS.

2. BPEL Design, Deployment, and Management

Based on large-scale usage of Cape Clear Orchestrator, which provides design, deployment, and management tools for orchestrating services using BPEL, Cape Clear has added a range of new usability features, including:

* A new Copy dialog that provides a simple interface for business analysts to construct complex XPath expressions in BPEL.

* Auto-generation of BPEL variables, which saves time and makes the process of creating working BPEL processes less complex.

* Additional support for BPEL correlation sets.

* Increased productivity, by enabling the drag and drop of partner links.

* Improved process-management features, enabling administrators to view messages exchanged with partners for a complete process audit trail.

* More sophisticated process-management search tools. Administrators can now view and search processes on the basis of business or process data. This makes it much easier for business administrators to manage process flows.

3. Standards Support

Cape Clear 6.1 adds support for SAAJ 1.2 (SOAP with Attachments API for Java), which is the latest standard specification that gives Java developers a number of enhanced features for customizing the processing of messages in the ESB.

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