Orient Trading acquires CameronFIX for Rice Trading on Tokyo's Grain Exchange

Tokyo JAPAN, July 12, 2005 – MetaBit today announced that Fukuoka-based commodity broker, Orient Trading has acquired the leading CameronFIX Engine for its trading of rice futures on the Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE). Electronic trading of rice futures is scheduled to be approved late 2005. TGE recently announced its move towards FIX-enabled electronic trading of its commodity futures, representing an important change where TGE’s rice futures can be traded continuously throughout the day. Most significant is the expected trading of Japan’s most traditional market – rice futures.

Orient Trading selected the CameronFIX platform for the FIX engine’s trusted world-wide reputation, stability, performance and the local support capabilities provided by Cameron Systems partner in the region, MetaBit.

"Selecting the suitable FIX engine is of high strategic importance for any commodity broker. It is not only a matter for the IT department. It also affects our reputation as a broker and our long term business strategy," says Mr. Tamaki Ninomiya, General Manager of the Financial Business Division, Orient Trading Co., Ltd. He continues, "We are impressed by the solid client base of CameronFIX and its stability and high-speed platform which has been proven globally. Our aim is to provide our clients the best solution without compromise. This will further consolidate our leading position in the highly competitive commodity market."

"We are very pleased that one of the most prominent brokers in a very traditional market segment has selected CameronFIX for trading futures on TGE," says Shimabukuro, MetaBit’s Senior Consultant covering Japan’s commodity markets. "We believe this decision will show TGE’s other broker members the importance of selecting a FIX platform that has extended its products and services into Japan based on its unparalleled technology and special attention to quality support services."

Through MetaBit, the CameronFIX platform has gained strong market acceptance over the past 12 months among broker members of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and increasingly with TGE broker members. Recently, several large commodity brokers in Japan have selected and integrated CameronFIX. Today’s announcement covering Orient Trading utilising CameronFIX for trading rice futures indicates the increasing penetration of MetaBit’s solutions and services with the CameronFIX platform in Japan’s commodity market, with more broker members scheduled to follow.

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