Vogon International has enhanced its electronic disclosure services to speed up the complex and costly process of disclosure of electronic documents as well as helping in civil or criminal computer investigations. It provides a cost effective source of evidentially sound information that enables organisations to comply with the latest regulations for financial practice and corporate governance regulation and meet the requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act and pending European legislation.

The latest version of Vogon International’s disclosure software has been developed as a direct result of working with investigators on high profile cases such as Dame Shirley Porter. In these cases, Vogon works with lawyers across the UK, Europe and North America providing assistance with computer search and seizure, collection of evidence and electronic disclosures, both enforced and friendly.

Vogon’s disclosure software automates the process of searching for relevant text and information regardless of where and in what format it is stored. Significantly, it captures metadata for every file, enabling a complete timeline analysis to be produced showing file creation dates, last access dates, details of authorship, distribution, etc. All digital evidence is handled correctly to ensure appropriate levels of disclosure and compliance with statutory requirements.

A range of powerful reports can be generated to provide evidential material in an easy to use format. Users simply click on hyperlinks for instant viewing of documents.

"It is estimated that nearly 95% of the information we have and use is now electronically stored and worked on," comments Gordon Stevenson, Managing Director of Vogon International. "Using bespoke document analysis, management and search techniques will consign the time consuming and costly traditional paper-based legal disclosure processes to the past and enable legal systems to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of the rapidly changing technological and social-economic environment."

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