Press Release from Anvil Software

4 January 2005

Make the Most of Your Collateral!

Enterprise-wide centralized collateral management is one of the hottest areas for financial institutions right now. Banks are estimating that they will be collateralizing 70% of their trading next year – compared to 30% at present. Having proper IT solution for such an increase will be critical.

Collateral acceptance criteria are broadening. Financial institutions need to evaluate and manage a large variety of assets and the exposures generated by their trading activity. And they need an instant understanding of the suitability of collateral.

The competition, new entrants and the variety of collateral is increasing while the initial margin is increasingly squeezed. In order to respond and stay at the forefront of trading business, it is of paramount importance to get the right collateral management system.

With this and many other parameters in mind, Anvil Software has developed the new Anvil Margin system. Anvil Margin is designed to offer collateral and exposure management effectively across all asset classes. Anvil Margin takes a more proactive, front-office approach than competitor products. It allows you to:

view your total enterprise-wide exposure to trading counterparts;

understand what action needs to be taken;

appreciate the mitigating effects of current margin transactions;

source suitable collateral based on the collateral agreements (including CSAs) in place based on current collateral availabililty – an important and oft-neglected part of the margining process.

Anvil Margin’s open structure allows for best fit and projected development to suit each organization needs.

Anvil Margin caters for most commonly collateralised product types: swaps, futures, FX, options, repo and securities lending. If you are working with exotic trade types, Anvil Margin’s unique "shell trade" concept, will allow you to feed in just enough details of trades and portfolios to manage margin & collateral – without the need for further development.

With Anvil Margin, you will gain a significant edge over your competitors as your collateral management can become an integrated part of your trading strategy – not an operational afterthought!

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