Industry-Leading Asset Management Solution Includes Major Functionality Enhancements

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 28, 2005 – PMSC, the leading provider of global asset management software to high-technology industry, today announced Release 3.5 of its popular AssetSmart enterprise asset management solution. Release 3.5 features significant application functionality enhancements, in addition to including many changes to the underlying technology and data model. In total more than 500 changes are encompassed in this major upgrade.
Existing clients will immediately appreciate the Third-Generation SMART/Web User Interface, which is a complete rewrite including major enhancements in navigation structure, appearance, user-friendliness and functionality. The new 3.5 Wizard technology assists in developing “goof-proof” business processes for asset management by walking users through step-by-step procedures such as adding new assets, or virtually any user defined series of asset management tasks.
Extensive functionality enhancements to the SMART/CMS Calibration Management System are encompassed within Release 3.5. The Calibration database tables are extensively upgraded to include new data attributes, the Complete/Close process has been improved for greater flexibility and a generalized Automatic Interval Adjustment capability has been implemented.
The many new additions to the AssetSmart solution include:

• Procedure/software validation table
• Readings data history add/edit screens
• Shelf-life delay dating
• Multimedia document linking
• Ship to vendor capability

With Release 3.5, the AssetSmart Property Equipment Management System, SMART/PEMS contains significant functionality changes, including the new EIT Enterprise Information Technology add-on options. This new feature enables tracking of additional data attributes for IT assets, including detailed hardware/software configuration and network details. PEMS now supports the new, unique identification (UID) Department of Defense requirement with an automatic UID generator.

"Many of the features and enhancements included in the new AssetSmart Release 3.5 were based on client suggestions. By working closely with our User Group, we ensure our solution addresses the business requirements of our customers. Our initial release sites including The Boeing Company and Honeywell have all reported very positive feedback on not only the new features and functions in Release 3.5, but also the ease in upgrading to our latest version." said Brian Thompson, PMSC vice president of sales.

Additional AssetSmart enhancement featured in Release 3.5 include improvements in every screen and table in the Reference Table Facility (RTF), resulting in a complete program rewrite. Many tables including Buyer, Contract, Planner, Shop/Lab and Vendor received substantial additive capabilities. All database tables have been superseded by new versions that include a standardized header, as well as additional
user-defined/custom fields.

Tracking of government customer/contract accountable material with the AssetSmart Tools, Materials and Spares Module, SMART/TMAS, also has been enhanced and includes tighter integration with the CMS module for handling of calibrated crib tools. Stock Master, Issue Tracking, Life-Cycle History and Requirements/Reservations tables have been upgraded to track various data attributes. A new Issue/Ship End Item function has been created to record permanent shipment of a GFM/GFE asset off-site and relieve inventory accountability accordingly.

The AssetSmart Planning, Budgeting and Ordering Module, SMART/PBO has been dramatically enhanced to encompass tracking of estimated, authorized, and actual costs for capital planning activities. In addition, PBO now offers add-on capability for order tracking to support non-stock purchasing or automated replenishment for equipment, material or spares. The tighter coupling with the PEMS and TMAS receiving functions results in greatly reduced data entry effort and improved integrity as asset and material inventory records can be automatically created or updated from the purchase order detail.

System Overview

Featuring the vertical integration of a series of modules, AssetSmart is based on the concept of enterprise asset management as an integrated process, not just automation of a set of administrative tasks. AssetSmart is a single, comprehensive information repository for all global assets which enables standardization of lifecycle processes, sharing of data across departmental organizations or plant sites, and simplification of management reporting and audit activities. AssetSmart’s SMART/Web interface enables users to operate the system from anywhere in the world through any device supporting a
standard Web browser, including wireless PDAs or hand-held data collection units.

Customer Benefits

There are hard dollar benefits realized by customers implementing the company’s solution. There are significant savings that can be derived from the unique AssetSmart Cataloging Module, SMART/ECSS which standardizes asset descriptions throughout the entire system. Total asset visibility across the enterprise infrastructure can result in increased asset utilization and a reduction in capital expenditures, contributing directly to RONA and ROI results and also reduces data entry time and expedites information search and reporting. Further, AssetSmart clients experience great cost saving associated with no longer needing to maintain multiple asset management systems with some client’s even achieving ROI on their AssetSmart solution in less than one year.

Soft dollar benefits also result from dynamic asset visibility. A single, complete information repository for global assets enables business process standardization of lifecycle processes, attributes and service procedures. The solution also provides global data analysis by product family grouping. Users are empowered to access, status and service request functions in real-time, ensuring that current and accurate information is always available.
Global Architecture

The AssetSmart model, which now encompasses more than 1,800 unique data elements, provides a robust interactive asset data warehouse that is capable of covering the complete array of mission critical asset types and categories required to support the modern enterprise. AssetSmart is built on an open community system philosophy, where operating departments and end users can have full interactive access to their own assets, which is vital for a modern asset management solution.

Multi-media images provide customers with a significant benefit, in that they are able to view pictures, manufacture’s specifications, drawings, calibration certificates or virtually any document or file associated with any asset with a single "click." Currently, many organizations store this information in another system or in banks of file cabinets.

In a typical enterprise, AssetSmart fills the gaps between ERP, IT asset,
calibration and CMMS (maintenance management) packages. There are many software packages on the market claiming to provide enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions, but those only cover plant and facilities assets.
AssetSmart integrates all dimensions of the process, including: 1) seamless life-cycle management, 2) the complete universe of all mission-critical asset infrastructure categories, 3) interrelated support functions, including calibration, request, trouble-call, repair tracking maintenance and service history and 4) open application architecture that empowers customers to actively participate in the management process.

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