Nextrend Subscribers Move to Trade-Ideas for Scanning Features in Wake of Cancelled Service

San Diego, CA – The recent closing of Nextrend leaves customers without the use of their analytics software called "Livescan". Trade-Ideas, the premier provider of idea generation and real-time statistical analytics to retail and institutional traders, brokers, and hedge funds, fills this void with its powerful decision support tool: Trade-Ideas Pro.

Similar, but more powerful than Livescan, Trade-Ideas Pro scans all stocks traded on the Nasdaq, AMEX, and NYSE in real-time. Users set the software to look at multiple strategies based on their own criteria and stocks of interest. Trade-Ideas’ analytics engine keeps statistical baselines of every U.S. equity and pinpoints unusual trading activity as it happens. The result: a stream of actionable trading alerts delivered directly into any trader’s trading platform.

"Several of our customers, as previous users of Nextrend, began recommending Trade-Ideas as a better solution," observed Dan Mirkin, Managing Partner of Trade Ideas LLC. "We welcome Nextrend customers and others who feel frustrated by poor trade performance and risk management controls. In Trade-Ideas they benefit from filtered and statistically tested opportunities for great trades." Trade-Ideas makes the transition easy by doubling the free trial to 2 weeks for Nextrend customers that sign up with their previous Nextrend username.

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