MetaBit Expands MLHTM Broker Connectivity

Tokyo JAPAN, January 26, 2005 – MetaBit announces the 5th (undisclosed) broker connectivity to their Market Liquidity Hub (MLHTM). This latest addition illustrates the trend of large brokers in Japan shifting their IT strategies toward FIX enabled solutions. Access to all connected brokers is granted through MetaBit’s MLHTM or their intuitive multi-broker trading application, XiliXTM.

Buy side clients can also connect to MetaBit’s MLHTM through a published API. This allows traders to utilize their existing internal systems to access markets across Asia. Through XiliXTM and MLHTM, institutional investors access all products listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Nagoya Stock Exchange, The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, and Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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