CarbonBased Consulting Launches Carbon360 Operational Intelligence Center

Easy-Access Information on Technology and Operations for Investment Firms

New York/Jan 25, 2005/: CarbonBased Consulting has officially launched Carbon360, an online intelligence center that provides the traditional and alternative asset industry with a new source for information and research on investment management business operations and technology.

"Carbon360 delivers intelligence on the technologies, issues, and trends that are critical to the everyday operations of traditional and alternative asset management firms," said Brian Shapiro, President and CEO, CarbonBased Consulting. "It allows these firms to educate themselves about their needs and, more importantly, gives them the answers on how to meet them," he said.

The robust, easy-to-use, self-administered intelligence center -- primarily delivered via the web is focused on extensive personalized guides of industry specific software solutions. Carbon pioneered the vendor cross-comparative matrices that have become the standard bearer for how a premier guide should be constructed and utilized. These guides provide a level of transparency that allows for better decisions about technology and operations in a much faster timeframe.

Two new guides, Investor Relationship Management and Portfolio Management Systems, have been added to the existing and enhanced Hedge Fund Accounting and Trade Order Management matrices. Now fully interactive, the matrices are delivered with tools that allow for both personalization of the way that users can view the data, as well as isolating and comparing hundreds of attributes such as price, platform compatibility, and compliance.

"As business operations become a much more critical part of the investor due diligence process, investment management firms need access to meaningful and transparent information," said Scott Hoffman, Chief Strategic Officer, CarbonBased Consulting. "Whether designing or buying trading infrastructure, accounting, or investor relationship management systems, Carbon360 provides in depth information on vendors and products that assist firms with their business operations decisions," he said.

Carbon360 also offers a full library of current vendor and product specific news that will be available for free to subscribers. Each Carbon360 subscriber will be entitled to a personalized research center called My Research, where they can save and store the most relevant news stories, research and purchased matrices.

Carbon360 tracks and analyzes information on 105 vendors with over 140 different products compared over hundreds of attributes. Each buying guide covers a minimum of 300 to 400 pages of relevant and cost-saving information.

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