Paris, France, 24 January 2005

LOGIN SA, a leading supplier of advanced and integrated management systems for treasury, has announced the availability of version 5.60 of its LOGIN-ACUMEN, the fully integrated front and middle office as well as risk management system, for treasury, derivatives and capital market instruments.

Among the major items, LOGIN-ACUMEN V.5.60 includes the handy possibility to send deal tickets or confirmations from ACUMEN directly by E-mail. This can be done manually, or automatically, upon any triggering action.

The same tickets and confirmations templates can be used for print and E-mail purposes. E-mail related information can now be stored, such as the address of the sender ("From"), the address of the contacts who will receive the E-mail ("To" and "Copy") and the "Subject" text. These fields can contain variable values depending on the deal or the counterparty.

The E-mail including the ticket or confirmation can be sent on request, by a single click. To automate the process, a simple set-up is done in LOGIN-ACUMEN to define the action which will trigger the automatic print out or E-mail, depending eventually on the counterparty (e.g., for external counterparties, print-out of deal ticket upon creation, and E-mail of confirmation upon deal validation).

This new function continues the drive towards paperless trading, and further work efficiency.

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