Navigation and Analysis Tool for Managing Business Data

London, UK – 21 January 2005 – Fractal:Edge today announced the release of Fractal:Intelligence 2.0 beta, the data analysis and management application for business professionals.

Fractal:Intelligence provides the user with a highly configurable and easy-to-navigate picture of their data in which hot-spots become instantly recognisable and can be targeted in just one or two clicks. The ability to zoom into problem areas while keeping an understanding of how they affect overall performance gives Fractal:Intelligence users the confidence that crucial business decisions are truly informed and accurate.

Bringing a new dimension of understanding to large or fast moving data sets, the product is ideally suited to the requirements of decision makers and analysts who need to understand the big picture and the detail of the information flowing through their business.

Fractal:Intelligence 2.0 beta is powered by the patent-protected 2nd generation Fractal Map components and features improved data connectivity, additional functionality and a slick new 3D-rendered display. Pre-release versions have already been deployed with risk managers, traders and asset managers in top tier investment banks and with managers of corporate performance at a range of blue chip clients in other sectors.

"Fractal Edge continues to push the envelope in terms of data volumes and interface clarity…Butler group does not normally get excited about new pieces of software but the Fractal technology is an exception. It is a ‘must see’ with significant opportunities for improving access to information."
Mike Davis - Butler Group Business Intelligence Technology Audit - January 2005

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