Sunopsis and Attunity combine to deliver Real-time Mainframe Data Integration

19 January 2005

Sunopsis and Attunity combine to deliver Real-time Mainframe Data Integration

Sunopsis, one of the world’s leading data integration IT specialists, and Attunity, a leading provider of enterprise data integration software, are joining forces to complete a major new data integration contract with the City of Lausanne in Switzerland.

The City of Lausanne is responsible for running the local government for Lausanne, a bustling metropolis located in the Western part of Switzerland that has 125,000 inhabitants. The City of Lausanne is to combine the two software companies’ integration solutions to migrate its information system from a mainframe environment toward open systems.

Lausanne is a major hub of economic activity for the country and is managed on mission critical IT systems. Historically, the management of the City, such as its population, companies, schools and voters lists, was performed on an IBM/390 mainframe. The challenge The City of Lausanne is facing is that it needs to replace its systems to enable it to maintain and grow its daily operations, as the current applications are gradually growing obsolete. As a result, The City of Lausanne is to implement a Java development architecture, using Open Source components such as Apache, JBoss and Eclipse, with Oracle on Linux as the RDBMS.

The City of Lausanne is migrating from the IBM system to the Java based structure in a process expected to last for between two to three years. During this period, some applications will continue to run on the mainframe, while other applications become available on the new systems.

"There is no way we can just replace all our applications overnight," explains Guy Wuilleret, Director of Information Systems for the City of Lausanne. "We need the ability to run both the old and the new system in parallel, while preserving the consistency of data in both systems for the entire duration of the migration."

To address these needs, the City of Lausanne’s IT department needed to find a solution that would allow data to be replicated bi-directionally between the DB2/MVS database on the IBM mainframe and the Oracle RDBMS.

"This replication carries two specific complexities," explains Angela Nani, Manager of Applications for the City of Lausanne. "Firstly, the data schemas differ vastly between the mainframe and the Oracle databases, which requires complex data transformations during the replication processes. Furthermore, this replication needs to be performed in real-time, requiring updates to be processed in an incremental mode."

After evaluating several solutions on the market, the City of Lausanne selected the joint Sunopsis and Attunity solution. The data integration solution is based on the robust ETL capabilities of Sunopsis, while Attunity are providing real-time access and change data capture for the City’s mainframe data sources. The seamless integration between the companies’ products will simplify and accelerate the solution delivery.

"We are impressed by the ease of installation and configuration of these products," explains Angela Nani. "All the tests we designed to validate the solution passed in a record time, whereas competing products are unable to meet our needs. We are delighted that Sunopsis and Attunity are working together to offer us an integrated, high performance solution."

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