Enigmatec and GigaSpaces Team up to Deliver “Data on Demand”™ to Benefit Financial Services

Enterprise Grid Pioneers to Partner on Efficient Computing Initiative

NEW YORK – January 19th, 2005 – Enterprise Grid pioneers Enigmatec Corporation and GigaSpaces Technologies today announced the formation of a new partnership to deliver Data on Demand. The joint solution provides financial services firms with a highly scalable self-managed data grid infrastructure that combines the GigaSpaces’ grid-based solution for real-time transactional business applications with Enigmatec’s automated policy-based management.

Data on Demand enables companies to dynamically distribute data across low-cost servers (e.g., Linux Blades) to achieve exceptional levels of performance and reliability with significantly less administration and cost than with dedicated servers.

GigaSpaces Enterprise Application Grid’s distributed messaging and data management features offer a rich set of tightly-integrated application services (such as JMS, Clustering, Caching, JDBC, etc.) – on top of a distributed shared memory platform, allowing developers to rapidly build and deploy high-performance and highly-reliable business-critical applications that run on a distributed set of IT resources.

Enigmatec offers a strategic software management layer between the business processes that drive an enterprise and the IT resources required to execute them. Its Execution Management System (EMS) provides firms with a manageability solution—automatically monitoring hardware and software applications in a distributed environment to reduce IT complexity and decrease hardware and software cost.

"Data on Demand answers the call from tier-one financial services firms for high-volume, high-performance and reliable distributed transaction processing on a low-cost modular computing platform," explains Nati Shalom, Chief Technology Officer, GigaSpaces. "As a result, these businesses benefit from optimal use of system resources to ensure the smooth running of mission-critical systems in highly volatile market conditions."

Efficient Computing provides companies with the ability to automate their operational procedures in a flexible and scalable way. This reduces complexity while delivering better utilization of resources, automation of disaster recovery strategies, reduction in operational risk and the prevention of business downtime, all of which ensure the highest quality of service.

"The goal of our Efficient Computing Partnership Program is to deliver modular computing architecture that utilizes autonomic and grid computing technologies for out-of-the-box provisioning, virtualization and automation," says Duncan Johnston-Watt, CTO and Founder, Enigmatec Corporation. This enables firms to eliminate the mismatch between business objectives and the ability to achieve automated operational efficiencies within an existing IT infrastructure." "Our collaboration with GigaSpaces to deliver Data on Demand fits this model perfectly and we are delighted to welcome the grid pioneer as an Efficient Computing Partner."

GigaSpaces will join the following firms as the fourth Enigmatec Efficient Computing Partner: Sonic Software, Century 24, and Sun Microsystems.

Enigmatec and GigaSpaces will be presenting their Data on Demand solution "Building an Enterprise Integration Grid using JavaSpaces Technology" at the next NYJavaSig, January 20, 2005, New York.

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