New York, NY, January 18, 2005 – Citigate Hudson, a provider of business intelligence and custom database applications with a special focus in financial services, recently held a one-hour webcast that explored how companies, particularly in financial services, are garnering tremendous benefits and competitive advantages from a new technology approach known as Pervasive Business Intelligence.

"In today’s environment, financial institutions are expected to leverage the right data to maximize customer interaction as well as to demonstrate that management is in control of workflow processes and other areas," said Ken Neal, Vice President, Citigate Hudson. "One way to meet these goals has been to deploy business intelligence technology that enables management to gather, store, analyze, and report data critical to the business."

However, Neal points out that many traditional BI solutions have posed serious challenges. Some required users to learn complex new interfaces, while others weren’t designed for use at every level of the enterprise or were expensive and difficult to implement with return on investment a long way off. Pervasive Business Intelligence is a new approach designed to change this scenario, bring new efficiencies to organizations, and generate high return by providing BI’s analytical capability to employees at every level of the organization.

Other leading technology organizations have highlighted the importance of this new direction. In a recent conference, IT industry analyst The Butler Group predicted that "pervasive business intelligence will become one of the primary drivers of information technology during the coming decade." Additionally, in a press announcement Microsoft noted that the company "is delivering on its vision to make business intelligence more pervasive and more accessible to everyone."

Financial industry professionals and other interested parties are welcome to view to the archived presentation on Citigate Hudson’s web site and contact the company for further information on this breaking trend.

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