January 18, 2005 - CDS Ltd, the independent specialist in wireless communications, has won a contract valued at £230,000 with Ofcom to undertake a research project into improving spectrum efficiency for UK businesses. The company will lead a consortium of wireless industry experts for the one-year project as part of Ofcom's Spectrum Efficiency Scheme. The consortium brings together BAA, BAE Systems, Cardiff University, NERA, Roke Manor Research and the Smith Institute.

Commenting on the award of the contract, Mike Kennett, Senior Strategy Consultant at CDS, who will lead the Consortium's work said: "The radio spectrum is very congested, and the proliferation of new wireless services and technologies, such as software defined radio and ultra wide band, is simply going to add to the challenges and problems. The efficient sharing of radio spectrum is essential to ensure minimal interference to wireless users and the highest quality of service."

The Consortium will investigate different methods of spectrum sharing. Some sharing already occurs including the use of multiple WiFi and other devices in unlicensed bands, as well as utilisation of the same spectrum for both satellite and terrestrial applications.

Ofcom's recent Spectrum Framework Review reinforces that making efficient use of the radio spectrum is one of the organisation's key duties. The study being undertaken by the CDS-led Consortium is regarded as an important exercise in testing some of the fundamental thinking and developing novel solutions.

Dr. Kennett continued: "Whilst there have already been many studies into the sharing of specific applications or services, the focus of this new study will be to look at both existing and innovative new sharing schemes with the aim of quantifying their performance and their cost/benefit."

In addition to a literature study, the Consortium will undertake modelling of the impact of various schemes on quality of service. Those that appear to offer the most promise will be subjected to more detailed analysis and modelling techniques. The final report will provide not only an economic assessment of the cost/benefit of spectrum sharing but will also give an assessment of how best to implement solutions.

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