London, 11 January 2005 - Gissing Software, a leading supplier of software and services for real-time trading, today announced that GFI Group Inc. (GFI), an inter-dealer broker and provider of data and analytical software services to the derivatives markets, is using Gissing’s new delayed data handler for its ConteX Multi-Vendor Contribution System (ConteX MCS) to deliver energy prices to a major provider of financial market data.

GFI can now take data from internal sources and send electricity prices at a delayed rate to the data provider, which are then made available to users of its service. The delay can be set to intervals ranging from a few seconds to several hours.

Michel Everaert, global head of product marketing, GFI said, "Gissing Software’s technology is integral to our global data contribution and distribution strategy, enabling multi-channel delivery of our data. Their new delayed data handler tied in with our existing ConteX MCS infrastructure seamlessly allows us to quickly and efficiently construct the new delayed energy data feed that we deliver to the data vendor."

GFI has been delivering prices using ConteX MCS from Gissing Software since March 2004 as a key element of its strategic platform for increasing distribution of tradeable prices across the many markets it serves. Using ConteX MCS, GFI simultaneously sends data to multiple information vendors. It is an extremely flexible system giving GFI the ability to easily add contributions for new instruments in a fully controlled environment.

The data from GFI’s internal networks enters ConteX MCS through input handlers connected to its trading platforms and contribution applications. The data is then routed to the appropriate output handler for onward distribution by the data vendors. GFI can package data for specific vendors and effectively monitor contributions guaranteeing the integrity and quality of data.

Richard Gissing, CTO, Gissing Software comments, "Data contribution must be accurate and reliable to meet the specific needs of customers. GFI is a leading market player in energy prices, providing widely available, independent and accurate information. Contributions are often viewed as a cost centre but when organisations have the right data, they can easily convert the information into profit."

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