New York and London, February 9 — Netik LLC, the Industry's leading Investment Hub company today announced its Enterprise Reporting engine to solve the nightmare of periodic reporting of portfolio investment and performance information to an asset management firm’s clients. Netik’s new Enterprise Reporting application plugs into the Netik InterView Data Warehouse and leverages the dynamic investment accounting, performance attribution and risk information that it contains to deliver complex aggregated client reporting – all under the guidance and control of Netik’s sophisticated workflow technology.

Client Reporting is the process whereby asset management firms or their agents must regularly report back to their clients on portfolio valuation, P&L, comparative performance, etc. ‘Regularly’ means daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly with each frequency requiring increasing depth and complexity of information. Despite its huge importance as a high profile touch-point with clients, Client Reporting is universally regarded as a burdensome and inefficient process that is still highly manual and therefore prone to embarrassing errors. This is particularly so in the preparation of monthly and quarterly Report Packs that must have very high quality, so-called ‘Board Quality’ output, often delivered in hard copy. Data must be assembled from multiple sources, both within and outside the firm, including unique commentaries. Client Reporting is thus a Data Management problem of huge proportions. The process is very complex; it is a recurring nightmare for Investment Managers and Investor Services vendors and it is ripe for re-tooling and re-engineering and this is exactly what Netik has done with its’ new enterprise reporting application.

Netik InterView 7 ensures that the disparate inputs to clients’ reports are gathered together and staged in consolidated form in the Data Warehouse. Netik’s Enterprise Reporting engine then provides the key workflow and production capability for the high-volume, premium quality creation of report schedules, the customizable selection of combinations of these components into report packs and then the controlled authorization and distribution of these Packs to clients.

John Wise, CEO of Netik states: "Our Investment Manager clients have been quick to spot the huge benefit of driving enhanced Client Reporting via an ‘engine’ that plugs directly into the Netik InterView Data Warehouse leveraging its’ rich repository of accounting, performance, risk and research information. These two elements working together produce a highly functional, efficient and scaleable reporting solution."

Mr. Wise states further: "Netik’s approach transforms the client reporting process into one of ‘mass customization’ – this means the production and distribution of customized report packs on a mass basis. We have enabled the Report Packs to be broken down into their component parts and for each of these components to be produced with maximum efficiency. The crucial customization occurs in the re-assembly of such components into Board Quality Report Packs that can give clients the feeling that their report was produced specifically for them. We enable Asset Managers to gain complete control of this important touch-point with their clients and enhance their clients’ experience."

Netik's Enterprise Reporting facility (E-R) provides today’s requirements for automating and streamlining the workflows required for the production of Board Quality customer Report Packs. Features include:

Boardroom Quality Report Production including Graphs, Charts and Pictures

Fully Customizable Report Definitions and File Extracts with the ability to incorporate custom inserts from economic analysts and the Fund Manager, including Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents and Portable Document Files (PDF)

Scheduled, Event Triggered and On-Demand Report Generation

Packaged, Table of Contents, ‘Print Shop’ Ready Output including Multiple Copies, Multiple Recipients with Names and Addresses

Integrated Workflow Control and Integrity Checks providing Preview and Audit Capabilities as well as Exception Management and Delivery Tracking Facilities

Ability to View/Preview Reports Internally and over the Internet

Multiple Output Formats Including PDF, XLS, DOC, XML and Hardcopy

Consolidated Account/Portfolio Reporting with the ability to incorporate information from Multiple Data Sources including the Netik InterView Data Warehouse, Free-Form Commentary, Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents and other external data sources.

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