DataSynapse Releases GridServer Virtual Enterprise Edition

Grid Computing Leader Enhances Support for Distributed Data Caching and Adds 10 Enterprise Application Models

LONDON - 9 February 2005 - DataSynapse, Inc., the fastest-growing provider of grid computing solutions for the virtual enterprise, has today released GridServer 4.0 Virtual Enterprise Edition, a virtual enterprise edition of its flagship application infrastructure software. Key features of the standards-based release include distributed data caching capability, support for 10 core application models and enhanced functionality for virtualising application and data components as well as stateful Web services.

GridServer Virtual Enterprise Edition creates a highly scalable virtual processing environment that enables the broadest set of enterprise applications to execute on a shared computing infrastructure. Supporting batch, object, event-driven and service-oriented application architectures, DataSynapse offers the only grid solution capable of sustaining a variety of application and resource types in a transactional grid environment.

GridServer Virtual Enterprise Edition optimises application performance by creating a utility computing capability that significantly improves service levels and reduces costs.

"Operating high-performance, cost-effective service-oriented architecture applications requires policy-based service management tools that can dynamically and automatically allocate hardware and software infrastructure resources on the fly, using business policies and logic," said Mary Johnston Turner, vice president of Summit Strategies.

"GridServer Virtual Enterprise Edition provides comprehensive, automated resource optimisation across the complete run-time environment from hardware through infrastructure software. This positions DataSynapse as a full-scale virtual application services management software provider, rather than just a niche grid computing vendor."

With the addition of GridCache, DataSynapse's new standards-based data caching capability, GridServer Virtual Enterprise Edition supports highly scalable, transactional applications that were previously unsuitable for grid deployment. GridCache is an implementation of the JCache specification (JSR 107) for distributed caching with support for multiple languages including Java, C++ and .NET. Enhanced data management capabilities include: cache loaders, connection pooling and transactional managers. Virtualising data and data access in memory reduces input/output (I/O) and database bottlenecks and load across the network, enabling a more agile and responsive application infrastructure.

DataSynapse enables organisations to quickly and efficiently realise the benefits of a services-oriented architecture without having to undergo exhaustive and costly application rewrites or re-architecture. Applicable to a range of applications that span industries including financial services, energy, government, telecommunications and industrial manufacturing, GridServer Virtual Enterprise Edition supports 10 application models that have been collected and documented from customer implementations and captured in a best-practice approach.

Each model includes qualification tools, reference architecture and design patterns to ensure consistent and rapid optimisation when applying GridServer to the following application types:

* J2EE Application Server
* .NET Application Server
* Distributed Data Caching
* High Performance Computing
* Unstructured Data Transformation
* Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)/Message Oriented Middleware
* CICS Offload
* Extract Transform Load (ETL)
* SOAP Web Services
* Microsoft Excel

"With support for data virtualisation, caching and transactional grids, DataSynapse can now grid-enable the broadest array of enterprise applications," said Jamie Bernardin, chief technology officer of DataSynapse. "With support for 10 business critical application processing models, GridServer Virtual Enterprise Edition is helping our clients realise all the benefits of a scalable and shared computing infrastructure."

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