SunGard Announces AvantGard-GTM 8.0

Calabasas, February 7, 2005: SunGard Treasury Systems, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), today announced the release of AvantGard-GTM 8.0. New functionality includes an enhanced browser user interface and augmented core functional capabilities in derivatives accounting, interest rate processing, foreign exchange and cash management. The new version of AvantGard also debuts Status-based Security, (SBS), which provides key functionality.

As part of their ongoing compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations corporations are tightening controls. AvantGard-GTM helps treasury operations to introduce greater control in the way they manage financial transactions. It ties together user-defined transaction states and data access security to create intelligently self-securing financial transactions. This security feature allows the organization’s management to specify which data fields will get "locked down" or "opened up" by the treasury department, as a financial transaction is advanced through its treasury management lifecycle by authorized users. It is common practice to secure different data elements like trade details, delivery instructions and accounting assignments at different points in the transaction lifecycle, and SBS helps the treasury organization to configure when and where this happens, and by whom.

"Status-based Security is configured centrally by the treasury organization and is applied consistently and automatically across all Web, desktop and terminal services client deployments. This feature, as well as the other enhancements, support a more efficient workflow and help provide a treasury organization the ability to better maintain internal controls effectively and efficiently," said Ken Dummitt, president, SunGard Treasury Systems.

The solution, which has been successfully implemented at several client sites, is fully integrated with all AvantGard Core and Core+ solutions, and AvantGard-GTM 8.0 is now available on desktops and through the Internet via a browser on all deployments.

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